Open collector and differential line driver pulse positioning modules can be added on and configured in GX Works2 using built-in utilities.

Model Number

LD75P1 / LD75D1 (*1)

LD75P2 / LD75D2 (*1)

LD75P4 / LD75D4 (*1)

Stocked Item





UL • cUL • CE

Number of Control Axes

1 axis

2 axes

4 axes

Interpolation Function


2-axis linear interpolation2-axis circular interpolation

2-, 3-, or 4-axis linear interpolation
2-axis circular interpolation

Control System

PTP (Point To Point) control, path control (both linear and arc can be set), speed control, speed position switching control, position-speed switching control

Control Unit

mm, inch, degree, pulse

Positioning Data

600 data/axis (Can be set with GX Works2 or program.)


Parameters, positioning data, and block start data can be saved on flash ROM (battery-less backup)

Positioning Control

Positioning Control System

PTP Control (*1)

Incremental system/absolute system

Speed-Position Switching Control

Incremental system/absolute system (*2)

Position-Speed Switching Control

Incremental system

Path Control

Incremental system/absolute system

Positioning Control Range

In Absolute System

–214748364.8 to 214748364.7 (μm)
–21474.83648 to 21474.83647 (inch)
0 to 359.99999 (degree)
–2147483648 to 2147483647 (pulse)

In Incremental System

–214748364.8 to 214748364.7 (μm)
–21474.83648 to 21474.83647 (inch)
–21474.83648 to 21474.83647 (degree)
–2147483648 to 2147483647 (pulse)

In speed-Position Switching Control (INC Mode)/Position-Speed Switching Control

0 to 214748364.7 (μm)
0 to 21474.83647 (inch)
0 to 21474.83647 (degree)
0 to 2147483647 (pulse)

In Speed-Position Switching Control (ABS Mode) (*2)

0 to 359.99999 (degree)

Speed Command

0.01 to 20000000.00 (mm/min)
0.001 to 2000000.000 (inch/min)
0.001 to 2000000.000 (degree/min)
1 to 4000000 (pulse/s)

Acceleration/Deceleration System Selection

Trapezoidal acceleration/deceleration, S-curve acceleration/deceleration

Acceleration/Deceleration Time

1 to 8388608 (ms) Four patterns can be set for each of acceleration time and deceleration time

Sudden Stop Deceleration Time

1 to 8388608 (ms)

Starting Time (*3)

1-axis linear control


1-axis speed control


2-axis linear interpolation control (Composite speed)


2-axis linear interpolation control (Reference axis speed)


2-axis circular interpolation control


2-axis speed control


3-axis linear interpolation control (Composite speed)


3-axis linear interpolation control (Reference axis speed)


3-axis speed control


4-axis linear interpolation control


4-axis speed control


Factors in starting time extension. The following times will be added to the starting time in the described conditions:
• S-curve acceleration/ deceleration is selected: 0.1ms; Other axis is in operation: 0.5ms; During continuous positioning control: 0.3ms; During continuous path control: 0.3ms

External Wiring Connection System

40-pin connector

Applicable Wire Size

0.3mm² (22AWG) (for A6CON1 or A6CON4), 0.088 to 0.24mm² (28 to 24AWG) (for A6CON2)

Applicable Connector For External Device

A6CON1, A6CON2, A6CON4 (sold separately)

Max. Output Pulse

LD75P1, LD75P2, LD75P4: 200kpulse/s; LD75D1, LD75D2, LD75D4: 4Mpulse/s

Max. Connection Distance Between Servos

LD75P1, LD75P2, LD75P4: 2m; LD75D1, LD75D2, LD75D4: 10m

Internal Current Consumption (5VDC)

LD75P1: 0.44A;
LD75D1: 0.51A

LD75P2: 0.48A; LD75D2: 0.62A

LD75P4: 0.55A; LD75D4: 0.76A

Flash ROM Write Count

Max. 100000 times

No. of Occupied I/O Points

32 points (I/O assignment: intelligent 32 points)

Weight (kg)


Dimensions (W x D x H) mm

45.0 x 95.0 x 90.0

1. LD75P represents the open collector output system, and LD75D represents the differential driver output system.
2. In speed-position switching control (ABS mode), the control unit available is “degree” only.
(For details, refer to the User’s Manual)
3. Using the “Pre-reading start function”, the virtual start time can be shortened. (For details, refer to the User’s Manual).